Innovative Education Services with Vision

Welcome! This is the web site for our renamed consulting group. Transformation Education LLC has its roots in our varied consulting experiences since 1992 and earlier.


Having worked together in several different projects over the last 4 years, we are now able to more fully optimize our efforts to provide innovative educational services to organizations, schools, institutions, non-profits and individuals.


The scope of our work spans local as well as global domains because we use technology resources to fit the needs of learners and organizations.


Educational Experts to Serve Your Needs

Our team of educational experts bring together the unique expertise of our principle members. The distinctive backgrounds which Transformation Education's rich set of human and technical resources provide can be focused to meet your needs in innovative and custom solutions.

We have extensive experience as teachers and administrators in

  • K-12 settings,
  • adult learning settings,
  • workshop training, and
  • higher education.


Regarding content areas, we of course are specialists in

  • instructional technology, but also
  • literacy,
  • science,
  • math, computer hardware,
  • information science,
  • education and curriculum,
  • distance learning,
  • research methods,
  • a plethora of computer applications,
  • classroom robotics,
  • new media such as: podcasting, video casting, and blogging, and
  • many other areas.

With our years in education we have had the opportunity to teach across many content areas, which affords us many skills with which to you.



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