Partners on the Transformation Education Team

We are very pleased to have assembled such a highly acclaimed and experienced team of professionals to work together and provide services to our clients. Please read on to learn about our network of educational and technical specialists who are dedicated to working together and creating the best solution to meet your needs.

Kathleen P. King, Ed.D.

Certifications: NJ Teaching License- Engineering Technologies, IC3, IC3 Trainer and Proctor

Kathy is President and CEO of Transformation Education, LLC. She is also a Professor of Education at Fordham University and former director of the university's RETC Center for Professional Development. Dr. King has extensive experience designing multi-partner projects, innovative programs, distance learning, staff development and educational technology integration plans across grades and content levels k-12, adult education, training, higher education, and corporate organizations and settings. Transformation Education, LLC serves as a dynamic base for these many initiatives in educational services, program design, partnerships, and research.

Dr. King is recognized for her unique expertise in combining her knowledge of adult education with technology, online learning, digital media and publications for faculty and staff development, and educational innovations.

Dr. King has authored ten books (as of 2007) recently including,

  • Classroom Robotics (2007) (with Gura),
  • Podcasting for Teaching (2007) (with Gura),
  • Adult Education around the Globe (2007) (with Wang),
  • Bringing Transformative Learning to Life (2005);
  • Keeping Pace with Technology: Educational Technology that Transforms, VOl 1 (2002),
  • Keeping Pace with Technology: Educational Technology that Transforms, VOl 1 (2003),
  • A Model for Planning for Effective Faculty Development: Using Adult Learning Principles (with P. A. Lawler, 2000), and
  • New Perspectives on Designing and Implementing Professional Development of Teachers of Adults (with Lawler, 2003).

In addition, King is founding editor of the adult education journal, Perspectives; The New York Journal of Adult Learning.

Dr. King has made numerous invited keynotes and refereed presentations at local, national and international conferences on the topics of distance education, faculty development, transformational learning, and educational technology.

Kathy received her Ed.D. from Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania. She also has a M.Ed. in Adult Education from Widener, a M.A. from Columbia International, Columbia, SC and a B.A. from Brown University, Providence, RI .

Mark Gura, M.A., P.D.

Certifications: NYS Teaching Art Education, NYS Administration

Mark is a former director of the Office of Instructional Technology of the NYC Board of Education. Prior to that position he was a classroom teacher for 18 years. In addition to his instrumental leadership and creative roles at Transformation Education, LLC, Mark is co-creator and co-host, with Kathy King, of the highly successful series Podcast for Teachers, Techpod, which has reached over 3 million educators globally.

Mark Gura is an accomplished academic author having published numerous articles on education and is the co-author of Podcasting for Teaching (2007) , Classroom Robotics (2007), Recapturing Technology for Education (2005), and Making Literacy Magic Happen: The Best of Learning and Leading with Technology, an ISTE publication. He has won many awards and fellowships and has been invited to speak on instructional technology throughout the United States.

Barbara P. Heuer, Ed.D.

Certifications: NJ Teaching License

Barbara is an assistant professor of adult education and coordinator of the M.S. in Adult Education and Human Resource Development at Fordham University's Graduate School of Education. She is a vital member of our Transformation LLC team of professionals as she has much experience working with us in writing grants, designing programs to meet unique and vast needs. She is a wonderful representative of the team work spirit of this organization where we al seek to make our projects become realized with the highest standards in our sights. In addition to our very formal initiatives, Dr's. Heuer and King co-host the premier adult learning podcast, Adventures in Transformative Learning since 2005. This rich media contribution to the world of learning has been widely recognized and used around the globe.

Barbara's research and professional interests are in the areas of information and technology literacy, adult learning, professional development, and adult learning. While she has taught in higher education for many years, she also has significant roots in K-12 schools and universities as a librarian, Dr. heuer has also been the head of a non-profit, and an independent researcher. Her current areas of research include several distinctive forms of online learning, adult development and information technology. Prior to Fordham University, Dr. Heuer previously taught adult education at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia. She holds a doctorate from the University of Georgia, a Masters in Library and Information Services from Rutgers University and a Bachelors from Vassar College.

Paige Eissinger, CIW, NA

Certifications: CIW, NA, ISO 9000, ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, MCTP Training Manager/Director

Paige Eissinger is a podcast co-host, web designer with extensive experience in technical responsibilities and leadership across corporate and educational settings. She is certified in ISO 9000 and as an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, Network Administration, and MCTP Training Manager/Director and is a Certified Internet Web Designer.

Paige’s technical training background began in the late 1980s when she was working in Quality Assurance management for a chemical company in Memphis, TN. She was teaching the inspectors she supervised how to use Statistical Process Control to monitor daily production activities. She was also involved in training employees to participate in the company’s efforts to become ISO 9000 registered and in using the company wide MAPICS software.

In the early 1990s, she moved to the Kansas City area to become a full time ISO 9000 trainer/consultant for the Metropolitan Community Colleges where she worked with local industry to prepare for and attain ISO 9000 registration. She became It was with MCC that she became certified as an ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and also became a Certified Instructor/Facilitator with Zenger/Miller.

When she moved to St. James, MO she began working under the auspices of the Rolla Public School District with local industry in south central Missouri to write proposals, develop budgets and provide training for companies who qualified for funding through the Missouri Customized Training Program (MCTP). She obtained certification as an Instructional Designer/Developer and a Training Manager/Director from Langevin Learning Services while working in the MCTP. After five years with the MCTP, she became the webmaster and communications specialist for the school district.

Following this she earned a certificate in Network Administration and later became the co-host of a call-in computer tech show, PC Primer, on a local radio station for two years. After discovering podcasting, she started Views from the Coop, a tech chat podcast, with co-host Kristi Hicks in late 2005. She is still podcasting while providing web design/development services and technology training for individuals, local business and education. Her newest launches are Transformation Education Podcast on Blog Talk Radio with Dr. Kathy King and participating as a valued partner in the Transformation Education network.

John Adamo, MCSE

Certifications: A+, MCSE, MOS, IC3 , Cisco Networking

John is the Technical Services Specialist for our team, with a robust background in all things technical! John provides a wide variety of expertise and responsibility within the Team, from network design and administration, hardware and software troubleshooting, project management, and technology corporate relations to general all-around innovative technology problem solver. John comes to us with experience in network design and engineering for such organizations as Fordham University, Merk Medco, Quintiles, Scios and ALS. He has several technical certifications, including Microsoft and HP, and is an Oracle developer. His technical knowledge and resourcefulness assist in many ways in the further development of technologies at Transformation Education LLC.

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Partnering Organizations

We work with several organizations on special and continuing projects. Following is just a partial list of those organizations with whom we have worked in recent years.

  • Information Age Publishing
  • McGraw-Hill Publishing Companies
  • iLearn Radio
  • Lecture123
  • Atwood Publishing
  • Perspectives: NY Journal of Adult Learning


Professional Associations and Organizations

As professionals we are actively involved in several professional associations. The following is a partial list of those that may be of interest:

  • AAACE - American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
  • AAHE - American Association of Higher Education
  • ACHE - Association of Continuing Higher Education
  • AERA - American Educational Research Association
  • CPAE - Commission of Professors of Adult Education
  • ICUAE - International Congress of University Adult Education
  • IEEE- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education
  • ISTE- SIGTE - Special Interest Group in Teacher Education
  • LERN- Learning Education Resource Network
  • NSDC- National Staff Development Council
  • NYACCE- New York Association of Continuing and Community Education
  • POD - Professional, Development, and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education


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