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Selected Presentations

by the Transformation Education Team

Including Print- Audio- Video- Rich Media Presentations

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  • Podcasting as PD Gura, M. & King. K.P. (2007, June 25). Podcasting as Professional Development NECC Conference ISTE Presentation. Atlanta, GA.

    Innovative strategies for podcasting in education. Introduction of easy-to-implement podcasting approaches and resources to provide inexpensive, high quality, customized professional development to audiences big and small.

    AUDIO >> PFT Episode 95


  • Transformation and Gaming King, K. P. (2007, July 12). Transforming technology in elementary education and the role of simulation gaming. Shawnee Community College, Ullin, IL and Murray State University (Ms. Marsha Nodeen's class) Virtual lecturer- Interactive multimedia, audio and video
  • Dr. King presents an interactive guest lecture and discussion with a teacher education class in Illinois in July 2007. Using no cost technology connections and modeling the benefits of VOIP for students' access to experts, Dr. King led a session on "Transforming technology in elementary education and the role of simulation gaming: A curriculum model and examples."



Portable Classroom- K-12 Education PME EXP- Ontario, CA- 2007 King, K., Gura, M., McQuinlan, J., Baxter, H., Willard, R (2006). The Portable Classroom: Podcasting Techniques for K-12 Educators Podcasting and Portable Media Expo. Ontario, CA.

  • Seminar Leaders: Jeff McQuillan (bio), ESL Podcast » Hollye Baxter (bio), The Tech Teachers » Ray Willard (bio), HardxCore Science » Kathleen King (bio) and Mark Gura (bio), Podcast for Teachers at Fordham University

  • Description: In this session designed specifically for K-12 educators, a panel of experts from around the country will discuss best practices for utilizing podcasting technology in elementary and secondary education, including using podcasts as part of in-class instruction, using podcasts as homework and out-of-classroom instruction, and the challenges teachers face in using podcasts as an instructional tool. The panel will also discuss how teachers can make the best use of the unique properties of podcasting and how to get principals and district officials on board with the program. Finally, you'll learn interesting ways to motivate student-generated podcasts and how to gauge the success of the overall program.

  • AUDIO >> PME-K-12 Session- 9-06


Illionic Online Conference

Distance Ed in Higher Ed - 40 Years of Grants King. K.P. (2007). Harnessing innovative technologies in higher education: Lessons learned from 40 distance education grants. Illinois Online Conference. February 14-16, 2007.

    A presentation based on the award-winning book, Harnessing Innovative Technologies for Higher Education: Access Equity a, Policy and Instruction by King and Griggs (eds), this presentation is a unique multimedia package. The session was presented for the Illinois Online Conference, one of the many virtual conference within which Dr. King has participated.



  • Successful Podcasting at University Level PME EXP- Ontario, CA- 2007 Hogh, K., Greenberg, O., Izutzu, B., Schmidt, M., & King, K. P. (2006). Podcasting at the university level: Berkley, Stanford, and Fordham. Podcasting and Portable Media Expo. Ontario, CA

    Dr. Kathy King participates in higher education panel as replacement for Duke University. She provides challenging questions to the iTunes University representatives and provides a compelling perspective on other innovative applications of podcasting.

  • Audio File >> PME-2006-Successful Podcasting University Level.mp3


Podcast for Teacher's Latest Episodes

Co-hosted and produced by Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King.

Hosted by Fordham University and supported by and Transformative Education LLC


Adventures in Transformative Learning's Latest Episodes

Drs. Barbara Heuer and Kathy King co-host this podcast about lifelong learning.

Brought to you by Fordham University and supported by and Transformative Education LLC

Other Valuable Documents and Articles


Education Grants 2007-2008 Deadlines Poster from

  • Resourceful poster from Tech Learning that you can print out for yourself. It includes information for grant writing planning, grant writing requirement, and deadlines, in a 12 year calendar format to guide you in keeping up with your efforts! Very helpful tool.

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